The single-family Sunnyside home at 698 Joost Avenue was purchased for $705,000 without having a garage or off-street automobile parking space in January of recently.

Last month, the buyer of the home met with San Francisco’s Planning Department to talk about excavating the home’s sloped lot to construct a parking space and was informed that his plans could well be hard to get approval and would degree of public hearing and variance on the City’s Planning Code.

And so, lacking an approved plan or permit in hand, it looks like the master simply engaged a Marin-based landscaping company to start excavating the home’s yard and reroute it’s sewer line to create a coveted, and completely illegal, off-street automobile parking space.

A complaint regarding the unpermitted work was filed when using the City’s Department to create Inspection spanning a week ago, but rapidly dimensions of the excavation, its proximity to foundations and utilities, and a forecast for rain in the week (which often can erode the hill and create a mess), a building inspector has yet to travel the internet site and work continues.

But hey, who’s gonna notice and what could very well fail?

We’ll help you stay posted.

UPDATE: In an hour of our story going live, a Building Inspector was on-site in addition to a Notice of Violation was issued. Because of this, the homeowner will have 15 days to secure a permit or potentially be order to restore the slope. And technically, until a permit is secured, no further effort is allowed (not very it turned out before).

UPDATE Research respect for that pesky No Parking sign that would cause it to be difficult to pull in to the newly dug spot, apparently that it was moved soon after the inspector departed:

In for a penny…

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