With increasing awareness about green initiatives together with center on preserving our natural resources, many home designers are shifting from wooden furniture to eco-friendly furniture that is constructed from natural, recyclable materials and dont have ?contaminants or toxins.

Today, many prepared to move around in apartments in Hyderabad offer eco-friendly furniture that’s both attractive and tough. We create for you eight such innovative choices for wooden furniture.

Reclaimed wood furniture

Reclaimed wood is wood which is being reused or recycled. Old and unused wooden furniture, flooring and wooden planks is often given a completely new take on life and helpful to create some stunning furnishings and also other home accessories. The furnishings can be quite a mixture off all models of woods and possesses characteristics different woods like teakwood, sheesham wood, and mango wood. You can get great deals on such furniture and possess the satisfaction of ?having saved the both the planet and funds.

Laminated bamboo furniture

Traditional bamboo furniture uses natural or split bamboo but laminated bamboo is bamboo and that is turn into wood-like planks by using a laminating procedure that uses kind to the environment glue.

Laminated bamboo furniture can be shipped in compact packs and assembled at the fair unlike traditional bamboo furniture to be shipped in general. They have most of the characteristics and aesthetic options that come with bamboo but overcomes many of the problems of traditional bamboo furniture for instance transportation costs, high maintenance, instability and the likelihood of insects and fungi.

Recycled metal furniture

Metal waste from junkyard and automobile waste such as car hoods will also be changed into furniture. After polishing and finishing, these scraps are became contemporary durable pieces for interior decor.

Paper Mache furniture

Paper Mache may be a versatile craft way in which today is not just employed to created decor pieces and sculptures but additionally familiar with create durable furniture.

Artists in Palai, Tonk in Rajasthan are renowned for that beautiful Paper Mache furniture they craft using waste paper in addition to clay.

Coconut husk boards

Coconut husk board can be a top quality building board material that is certainly made without having to use chemical adhesives.

Coconut husk is frequently considered a waste product nonetheless the coconut pith has chemical reactivity car without any high lignin and phenolic content and could be hot-pressed into binder-less particle boards with higher density than MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard).It’s got excellent commercial potential. However, like a number of other conventional wood products untreated material can be easily attacked by mold and staining fungi in any other case dried properly.

Banana leaf furniture

Banana leaf furnishings are made out of natural banana leaves which are dried, twisted and braided right rope. The rope will then be woven spanning a frame to make comfortable seating, stylish tables and practical storage boxes. However banana leaf furnishings are high maintenance and requires a daily cleaning regime that also includes dusting, vacuuming and use of an dehumidifier to get rid of excessive humidity with the air.

Wicker furniture

Wicker furnishings are any furniture made out of woven material like rattan, cane, sea grass, even synthetic vinyl and resins. Wicker furniture will not fare well as patio and garden furniture but sometimes be familiar with create high quality long lasting chairs, sofas, tables and head boards for beds.


MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard is a popular alternate to wooden furniture. Where lots of tree need to be cut to manufacture a single furniture piece, just a few branches bring MDF furniture that is made by gluing together wood waste fibers with resin using heat and pressure. Low maintenance and eco-friendly, MDF furniture is best known due to its sound and warm insulating qualities.

Use of recycled material in furniture design is become increasing popular as it’s not just functional but can also be aesthetically compelling.