Maintaining an immaculate garden is often a tedious task. Since you have spent days gardening, spending so much time towards buying the perfect garden, watching someone walk covering the lush grass would certainly about kill you. And here , stepping stones come into picture. Furthermore they create a practical path for walkers, in addition they protect the grass from being squashed to death. Landscapers today are selecting a wide range of stepping stones that vary from huge concrete blocks to placing huge pebbles or mosaic steps so online businesses hop, skip or jump. As getting a pro for the job might burn a dent in your wallet, we coach you on the easiest way to create stepping stones which can be apt to make you popular amongst your mates and so are friendly on your pocket too.

Here is the thing that you may need:

A huge leaf

Petroleum jelly

Waste paper/cardboard

Ready mix concrete



Rubber gloves

Sand paper

Varnish or colour (optional)


Step 1

Once you might have zeroed in on the leaf design, change it inverted and lather a layer of petroleum jelly about it. Make certain you cover your whole leaf, or that you will be unable to peel the leaf off of the concrete mixture. Once it’s done this way, you should get some hand gloves and start mixing the concrete. Go on a number of the concrete mix and add water stated above around the bag. Make use of a waste plastic container as well as old bucket to ready the amalgamation.

Step 2

Place a cardboard or line the location with waste paper and put the leaf upside-down where the veins are subjected. Working with a shovel, mix the concrete mixture again you should covering areas the leaf, a good inch thick. Just remember to have covered the entire breath and entire leaf. Smoothen each of the edges by running the corner of the shovel around the leaf. Repeat a similar process on the other leaves.

Step 3

Let it take a few hours and in case you’re thinking that the concrete is half done, peel the leaf as well as set it aside to get a 7 days to harden. Should there be any air bubbles (skin pores) fill them up with the same concrete but don’t forget to rub the surface with sand paper first to smoothen versus eachother. If you believe to keep things rustic, then let your stepping stones be because it is. But when you would like to allow them to have a competent look, coat them with varnish. This tends to not only squeeze in a layer of gloss for a stones nevertheless it will even provide your guests a simple surface to steer on. For anyone who is artistically inclined you can actually go a measure further and colour them.

Step 4

Once the stepping stones are dry, dig patches as part of your garden to generate a pathway. Ensure these are deep enough to match your stepping stone, otherwise they could just crack.

Step 5

If you are content with the highway you could have designed, place your handmade stepping stones in the individual and viola your pathway is able to be applied. Now let your friends/guests stroll by way of your garden and turn impressed along with your creative skills.