Are you presently one of those who loves throwing a party- but dont follow simple proven steps with those wine bottles. Well the internet is flooded with DIY ideas which help you convert those bottles into vases or utilize corks as card holders. But have a look at coach you a simple and fun technique for turning your boring bottles into accent lights that happen to be well suited for those romantic dinners. Material indeed Bottles of wine Soap and sponge Drill Clay Sandpaper LED Christmas lights Gasket Method Step 1 C Gather all of your wines and peel from the lemon presentation. Then rinse the bottle thoroughly utilizing some soapy sponge. Step 2 C If the bottle is dried, at the conclusion of the bottle, mark a dent that you may wish to insert the Leds. Drill the hole employing a drill, bear in mind to put some clay around whilst keeping pouring water whilst you slowly drill the hole. When you are pleased with how big the opening, smoothen the sides by rubbing some sandpaper. Step 3 C Get you Christmas Leds and insert them from with the hole you may drilled and guard it that has a gasket. Secure the sunlight wire that has a plug and viola your wine accent lighting is ready. Place a cork with top and allow light decorate your bedroom side-table, your living room mantel otherwise you dining room table for anyone cozy romantic dinners!